About Anywhere.legal

Our mission is to help you solve your cross-border legal matters.
You do not have to have your own lawyers everywhere.
Have them anywhere. in the world.

We use modern software solution to organize the network, share the mandates and to speed up the time consuming processes around cross-boreder cases.

Anywhere: Your Guide in Cross-Border Legal Matters

With a help of unique software solution, it is lawyers who are helping you with one of the most difficult and complex task. Solving a cross border or multi-national legal matter is a true challenge.

What will anywhere.legal do for you:

  • Help with the scope definition.
  • Choose the right lawyer.
  • Arrange price cap and set delivery date.
  • Facelitate communication and delivery.

With Anywhere.legal, spend less time on the administrative hustle and more on what truly matters. In just a minute, you can file a case and trust us to bring it to a satisfactory resolution.


Unified Case Management

Experience streamlined communication and case tracking, all under one digital roof. Whether you're a client or a law firm, Anywhere.legal simplifies your legal journey.

  • Centralized Tracking

    Monitor all your cases seamlessly in one unified dashboard, ensuring you never miss a beat.

  • Efficient Communication

    Engage in direct chats, maintain organised document storage, and oversee up to 10 cases simultaneously.

  • One Platform, Multiple Roles

    Regardless of whether you're a client or a law firm, benefit from the clarity and efficiency of having all cases accessible in one location.


Strengthening Connections Through Meetings

We believe in the power of meeting and connecting. Regular get-togethers with our colleagues and clients are essential. That's why we organize events – to keep our community strong and active.


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You do not have to have your own lawyers everywhere. Have them anywhere. in the world.