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Streamlining cross-border legal processes with our unique platform, anywhere you need

  • Reliable Network

    Extensive network of verified international law firms. Connect with experts from all over the world for several clicks.

  • International legal case management

    No more frustrating communication barriers or expenses. Use our all-in-one platform.

  • Transparent Processes

    Scope, price, speed and delivery date... Get a clear overview of your legal case from start to finish

We ensure that your matter is matched with the ideal partner. Think it's complicated? We're here to simplify it for you.

Vojtěch Sucharda - founder of Anywhere and director of ARROWS International legal network

Vojtěch Sucharda
Founder and CEO of Anywhere, an active attorney, law firm Partner and a leader of two large international networks.

Anywhere: Your Guide in Cross-Border Legal Matters

With a help of unique software solution, it is lawyers who are helping you with one of the most difficult and complex task. Solving a cross border or multi-national legal matter is a true challenge.

What will anywhere.legal do for you:

  • Help with the scope definition.
  • Choose the right lawyer.
  • Arrange price cap and set delivery date.
  • Facilitate communication and delivery.

With Anywhere.legal, spend less time on the administrative hustle and more on what truly matters. In just a minute, you can file a case a trust us to bring it to a satisfactory resolution.


Unified Case Management

Experience steramlined communication and case tracking, all under one digital roof. Whether you're a client or a law firm, Anywhere.legal simplifies your legal journey.

  • Centralized Tracking

    Monitor all your cases seamlessly in one unified dashboard, ensuring you never miss a beat.

  • Efficient Communication

    Engage in direct chats, maintain organised document storage, and oversee up to 10 cases simultaneously.

  • One Platform, Multiple Roles

    Regardless of whether you're a client or a law firm, benefit from the clarity and efficiency of having all cases accessible in one location.


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From our clients:

Olga Grillova - Leeaf

Olga Grillova

CEO Leeaf

"Leeaf is a med-tech startup with global ambitions. We use anywhere to get the best quotes of guarranteed profesionals in any country within a day or two."

Petr Havlík - Altran

Petr Havlík


"As a large international company we need a strong partner in different jurisdictions quite often. This is when I tend to call Vojtěch with a task to find me a reliable partner for our needs in other countries. So far, we have had successful cooperation in Slovakia, Austria, and Poland."

Václav Bílek - 2Bminer

Jakub Hlavenka


"Our global business stands on the need of strong legal and tax advisory worldwide. This product is the fastest way to handle it.!"

You will be in the hands of hundreds of specialists from the whole world.

Mgr. Vojtěch Sucharda


Mr Chris Felton

Gardner Leader LLP

Mgr. Marek Hučík


Robert Hoban

Clark Hill

Tomasz Kurpisz


Ioannis Anagnostopoulos

Ap & Generalis Law Firm

Andriy Selepey

Selepey, Volkovetsky Partners

Jose I. Saldarriaga


Peter Koenig

BTU Simon GmbH

Alexandra Tudorache

Aron Dinu

Tobias Kromm

Pelka und Sozien GmbH

Konstantin Vassilev LL.M.

Vassilev & Partners

Ligita Ramanauskaite


JUDr. Ján Ferenci

Marják, Ferenci & Partners

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