Our Members Were Exploring the Latest Developments in the European Cannabis Market

As esteemed legal professionals in the cannabis industry, Vojtěch Sucharda, Robert Hoban and Hana Gabrielová from our network had the honor of participating in The Cannabis Summit in Prague on May 27. This highly anticipated event brought together experts and industry leaders to discuss the latest updates in the European cannabis market, and we were privileged to be a part of it.


During the summit, Vojtěch Sucharda, Partner at Arrows ETL Global, had the opportunity to share the panel with renowned legal experts including Kai-Friedrich Niermann, Managing Partner at KFN, Tomáš Cihula, Partner at Kinstellar, and the moderator, Robert Jappie, Partner at Fieldfisher. Their engaging discussions delved deep into various legal aspects related to cannabis, providing valuable insights on the evolving legal landscape, regulatory challenges, and opportunities within the European cannabis industry.

A notable highlight of the summit was the abundance of networking opportunities it presented. Through a combination of structured networking events and informal gatherings, we had the invaluable chance to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and establish meaningful connections within the legal community. It was truly inspiring to witness the passion and dedication of professionals who are actively shaping the future of cannabis law in Europe. A shared photo of the panelists, which includes Robert Hoban, Vojtěch Sucharda, Ján Ferenci, and Hana Gabrielová from our practice group Cannabis, serves as a testament to the collaborative and networking spirit that permeated the event. Additionally, it was interesting to hear Martin Kubů speak on the highly significant and legitimizing topic of the treatment and role of cannabis in this field. Furthermore, Jindřich Vobořil, national drug coordinator, delivered an engaging speech that added another layer of depth to the discussions at the summit.

The exhibition space provided companies with the platform to showcase their innovative products and services, highlighting the advancements and potential of the cannabis industry. The level of innovation and entrepreneurship on display was truly encouraging, signaling a promising future for the cannabis market.

The Cannabis Summit proved to be an exceptional event, not only serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking but also demonstrating the growing recognition and legitimacy of cannabis within the legal landscape. The insights gained from this summit will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts in navigating the complex legal framework surrounding cannabis.

Looking ahead, we are filled with excitement for the future of the cannabis industry and the legal developments that lie ahead. Events like The Cannabis Summit play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, expanding knowledge, and driving progress within our field. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this remarkable summit and extend our sincere appreciation to Niall N. and the organizing team for their dedication in orchestrating such a successful event.